Our Billing Policy is as follows and applies to all our customers.

Payment Method

All charges appear and will be paid in US dollars. At this moment we accept debit and credit cards via PayPal and cash and checks as payment methods available. In case any other payment methods will be made available, we will publish an updated version of this Billing Policy.

Direct payment from Credit Cards and Debit Cards are available only through PayPal. Make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account before submitting your payment.

All payments are due at the date specified on your order invoice. Once the payment is accepted, your method of payment will be your receipt.  If an invoice is required, please let us know in advance and one will be made available.

Grace period

We offer 10 days grace period for any invoice. After the 10 days a late fee will be added to your current invoice. We allow a maximum of two payments per invoice only when the first payment is made before or on the date the invoice is due. The remaining balance, the second payment, needs to be applied to the account within the 10 days grace period. Failure to do so, will add a penalty percentage to the whole amount on your invoice, no matter how much of it was already paid.


We do not offer a cancellation option as all our products and services are offered prior to invoicing you. An estimate and a deposit will be collected from all customers when signing an agreement stating the services and products we will provide you, before all the work starts.


Refunds are only available if our products and services are not satisfactory, our staff did not succeed in following the guidelines of the agreement and the outcome of our work is not what you’ve been promised. Refunds will be provided within 30 days, in the same payment method you used.

Our policies and prices are subject to change at any moment. We will notify all clients if materials and products prices change and offer alternatives that don’t exceed your budget.


Should you have any questions regarding our Billing Policy and prices please contact us at



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