Why visit Germany?

To start, I want to say that Germany is a GREAT country to visit. I heard that Germany was visited by over 4,000,000 Americans in 2005. This surprised me not at all. You can’t go wrong with so many amazing experiences and sights.

Let us start with the obvious: German Beer and German Food.

Castles are the most visited attraction in Germany. Castles are Germany’s most valuable historical treasure. Every German town has at least one Castle. You’ll always find a place you can visit https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-berlin-194/ no matter where in Germany you go. These Castles often have excellent restaurants, where you can get information about the history of the building.

German Beer: German beer is a favorite of many. German breweries have a reputation for being the best, and many are reluctant to abandon their ‘tricks-of-the trade’. Germany is well-known for its delicious, non-preservative beer. German law actually requires that only a small number of ingredients be added to the beer. No preservatives are allowed, by law.

German Food: I’m sure you have heard about and tried some of the most popular German dishes like Spatzle, Wursts (German sausage), and Schnitzel. Spatzle, Wursts (German sausage), Schnitzel, Wursts (German sausage), but you may not have experienced some of the more popular, but still delicious, German dishes. If you are thinking of a trip, I recommend visiting a German restaurant and ordering the special. Many restaurants, much like in the U.S.A., offer a house-special that can be customized to suit your taste and is often very delicious.

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