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My passion for capturing all the important moments in one’s life, does not limit to weddings, engagements and baby photo sessions. I believe that memories are also created outside of the household, especially when it comes to someone’s passion. For all the business owners out there, for every dedicated employee and manager, there are moments in their careers, worth capturing to be saved and cherished for a lifetime. That is why I dedicate myself not only to capturing the joy your family events bring you, but also all the crucial moments in your work life.
Events Photographer Chicago is the newest service provided by and it came to live thanks to your feedback and your encouragements.

Why Corporate Events Photographer?

Corporate events photographer could become the new important addition to your must haves when it comes to your company’s goal list. When your company has that special event that everyone has been waiting and preparing for over the last couple of months or maybe even a year, it is important that everyone is focused on the developing of that event without having to worry about creating memories. That is my pleasure and my passion and I am here for you, so you can seat back, relax, enjoy the party and smile for the camera.
As a corporate events photographer, I will dedicate myself to capture the importance of your event, the smiles and the seriousness of all your employees and business partners, the atmosphere of your event and every other important aspect of it.

Is it important to cover your company’s biggest event of the year?

There is no doubt about the importance of covering your company’s biggest event of the year. Each company has several important events throughout the year, but there is a major one that subclasses all the others. It can be an important anniversary, the closing of an important deal that took a lot of time and resources, it could be a new office space or, it could be the office Holiday party. No matter the size of your company’s most important event, covering it, in matters of photography is important if not essential for your company’s image over the years. The team behind every accomplished goal or deadline needs to feel appreciated and rewarded for the effort invested in the day-to-day work, and memories are made to attest to every step along the way. That is why at we believe in the importance of photographing the biggest company event of the year. Not only it will be “a moment frozen in time” that can add value to the history of your company, but it will create memories for all your staff and will bond the team together in an beneficial way for both sides. Capturing the happiness and fulfillment of everyone in the company, the atmosphere of a long waited achievement, is a way of giving back to everyone who contributed, in any way, along the way. If the biggest year event of your company is the Christmas party, letting everyone enjoying the eggnog, the secret Santa and the ugly sweater contest, without having to stress about taking pictures, is a gift a company owner should consider. While everyone in your company will enjoy every aspect of the Christmas party, we at will be focused on capturing the Christmas spirit, the happiness, the laughter and the joy or everyone within the room.

Do we need corporate headshots for our employees?

Our answer is yes, you definitely need corporate headshots for your employees. After years of working in this field, I believe that people love to “put a face to a voice”, so even though your company’s costumer service is mostly done via email or over the phone, I think a more personal approach can make the difference. As a costumer yourself, you always want to know the name of the person you are interacting with, no matter if it’s over the phone or via email. But when you have the chance to add a smiling face to that, your costumer service experience busts with positivity. That is why having corporate headshots for all your employees, that you can add to your website, next to a short description, could make all your clients feel more welcome, due to a more personal approach.

How important is to have photographs from conferences and conventions?

We at believe it is quite important to have photographs from conferences and conventions. Every event, convention or conference your company attends to is important for your company’s portfolio. If any of your employees are speakers in a conference, the pictures could be uploaded on social media, with captions mentioning main ideas, the importance of the event and what new aspects of the main theme your company added to the conference. This will not only help your company grow, but will also help your employees feel appreciated and encouraged. The fact that your company is a vendor in a convention is extremely beneficial. But having a proof is also important. I, at am ready to cover any conference and convention your company participates in, with photos that tell the story about every step of the event: the way your stand looks, the size and importance of the convention, the people you get in contact with, the impact your company has during the event on prospective costumers. We will be there from the first moment until the end of the event, to make sure all key moments are captured in lifelong memories that will create the history your company will appreciate and value in years to come.

From corporate events to annual meetings, private parties, award ceremonies, product launched, red carpet and team building events, I at am ready to cover any type of photographic needs your company might have, no matter the length or place of the event. I am dedicated to capture all the important aspects in your company’s “life” knowing that my work will provide you not only with memories that you can cherish later on, but with a visual archive that can become the important timeline of your company’s history.


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