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From a quality point of view, I feel it’s very important to set up an engagement session before the wedding.  You get to know the photographer and the photographer gets to know you and by the time the session is finished, you know exactly the way your photographer works, and the quality of work you can expect from him/her.  Normally at an engagement session the photographs are even more photojournalistic then at the wedding due to the fact that there is more time alone and free to be as creative as you want to be. 

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Photos should be at your favorite locations, where you spend a lot of time, the place where you met, if it’s near by, or anything in the city.  We offer ride to and from the locations (if you live within the city limits), and help with anything you might need during the photoshoot.  Also, Chicago has lots of natural backdrops that are absolutely amazing for commitment  photos

At Chicago Engagement Photographer we are as easy going as possible, which allows all of us to be as creative as we want to be.  After the session is finished you can see some of your photos on our Wedding Photography Gallery, and your friends can also see them which leaves you with more free time to do everything else needed for you wedding.


The Photo Shoot usually last for about 1.5-2 hours and we offer photographs taken at one or more locations, depending on the time available.  The entire photo session costs $275.00 and you receive your photos roughly two weeks later, edited and retouched in high resolution on a DVD, along with the copyrights and no watermark on them.  During the session most photos will be photojournalistic style, for that’s what you specialize in, but also we will do some of the more classic and traditional poses.

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Commitment Photos differ from couple to couple.  Normally we photograph in a very photojournalistic way and very candid.  We let you be yourself, as if we weren’t even there, and then capturing the moment as it happens.  If, however, you need some guidance, we will be more than happy to give it to you.  There are poses that look very candid, but are controlled and staged, which takes the stress out of you, and still end up with a great look.

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Some couples are very tense and anxious during the photoshoot, especially in the beginning, and that’s when we come in with a little direction.  In the end all photographs are at their best quality and you finish up with magnificent photos for your save the date, invitations, or just portraits. It is recommended that you have a  photoshoot session before your wedding to not only get those much needed photos for invitations, save the date or just for you, but to also get to know your photographer better.  We are here to make your  photo session as relaxed and comfortable as possible, while getting all the necessary photos.

For a quicker service and a free quote call Gia now at local (312) 927-7238 or toll free (877) 927-7238 to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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