Secret Surprise Proposal Engagement Ideas Photos in Chicago


Best Chicago Wedding Engagement Photographer

Ready to surprise the love of your life? (She/he has no clue that my secret photographer is taking photos)

1. Plan ahead – consult with your photographer about a favorite secret location in Chicago.

2. Find a secret proposal photographer who had previous experience with secret photos in Chicago

3. Surprise your partner with an unexpected informal-casual engagement!

Easy, right? Get a free consultation over the phone at (877) 927-7238 or email us.


Are you finally ready to ask the big question but you don’t know how to do it? We have your back. From great wedding proposal ideas to unique proposal pictures, we can help you plan a magical proposal, a memorable and perfect wedding and everything in between.

We have the best marriage proposal ideas in Chicago that will help you create a memorable and perfect moment for you and your fiancé-to-be. From your favorite place to the spot where you had your first date, from a treasure hunt that starts with a written clue note to a special proposal with a little help from the divers in a fish tank at the Shed Aquarium to a simple note in the Chicago snow, we can help you bring the best idea that fits you and your fiancé to be.


Best Chicago Wedding Engagement Photographer

Are you looking for a creative and romantic way to pop the question? We have hundreds of unique engagement proposal ideas in Chicago that will only give her one option: to say, “Yes”! Thinking about a unique ring, an exotic vacation that ends up with you getting down on one knee, do you prefer a more intimate approach for Christmas or New Year’s eve, with a glass of wine and a fire place or you would rather hire a team of pros? Any choice you make, we’ll make sure to be the perfect one.

Your engagement is a unique moment in a life time and having a professional photographer ready to capture every detail of your special event, while making every image a moment of life you will be able to enjoy and remember for the rest of your life, is a must.

Choosing our proposal photography option, you make sure that every aspect of this day will be captured in unique and memorable photographs, to have and to hold, to look at and to share with your family for years to come.

Best Chicago Wedding Engagement Photographer

Styles range from traditional portraits and artistic to Chicago photojournalistic style, and you can choose which one you’d like. Whether it’s a small, intimate Chicago proposal, or otherwise, we cover it all with the out-most focus and concentration while capturing candid moments that make each engagement special and unique.

If you need unique engagement ideas and candid photography (to read “hidden photographer”)  for proposal in Chicago, we are here to make all your dreams come true. We can guide you and help you find the perfect place to ask the big question, to put together the surprise engagement in the smallest of details while being your personal surprise proposal photographer to capture this unique love moment in your life.

Best Chicago Wedding Engagement Photographer

Having years of experience in the wedding industry, from engagement photo albums to superb weddings throughout Chicago and surrounding areas, choosing us for your marriage proposal photos will not only help you immortalize a romantic moment of your relationship but will provide you memorable, candid proof of your feelings for each other, to have and to hold, cherish and relieve while growing old together.

Do you need a marriage proposal secret photographer? Look no further! Just let us know what you planned, give us the location and we will secretly be there to take pictures of the moment when you pull out that truly unique ring out of your pocket and propose to your fiancé to be. She will not only be overwhelmed by your proposal, but the secret proposal photographs will be a perfect gift to celebrate your love.

Best Chicago Wedding Engagement Photographer

  • You want to make sure that yours is the best marriage proposal in Chicago?
  • Are you thinking about a unique proposal for engagement?
  • Do you need professional photography for your marriage proposal?


We can take care of all that for you. Just let us know what your plans are. We will guide you, help you choose the best idea, be there to support you all the way, capture all the magic in exquisite photographs while making sure you have a once in a lifetime moment.

Best Chicago Wedding Engagement Photographer

Choosing us to help you with your proposal photography will surely take you to the next level and after we’ll have the chance and opportunity to photograph your wedding day!


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