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 For me, photography is more than a job. It is a passion and I think this passion shows in my images. My approach to wedding photography is that of a narrator, and my style is a mix of photojournalism and creative portraiture. I focus on the wedding day to capture the emotion and the real atmosphere, preserving as much as possible the light of the moment, with the aim of telling the story through images of the day. I believe that the best wedding photography capture the great moments as well as small things and details that make this event totally unique.

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In my work, I like using architecture, elevation, positioning and pure creativity to get unique shots and capture memorable moments. Unique angles are multi-dimensional, encompassing conceptual perspective and focus, as well as geometry, and most important they help tell the little stories going on within the big story. I think that the job of a good wedding photojournalist is to take the ordinary and make it a piece of art.

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After many years of experience, one of the great things about being a wedding photographer is that I can capture life as it happens without restraint. At engagement parties and weddings everyone wants me there, wants me to capture those fleeting moments, and will appreciate them for years to come. This gives me the power to strive and be the best there is and constantly produce the most amazing wedding photography pictures. I recommend focusing less on the business process and more on the creative one when you’re working with a wedding photojournalist. Of course, you’ll both sign a contract, and ultimately there will be details relating to the types of packages purchased, the number and format of proofs, schedule, costs, and possibly album design, but that should all be secondary when it comes to selecting and working with your creative professional.

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Like many brides and grooms, your wedding could be the first time you’ll be hiring a creative professional. You might think the ins and outs of working with a wedding photographer are as simple as writing a check. What could be so difficult, right? But just ask any talented pro, and you’ll get a grateful explanation of why it’s so important to truly understand their creative process. Luckily, you and your photographer both want the same outcome: amazing picturess that capture the feeling of the wedding day.

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For me, a wedding is a very significant and emotional event, and my approach is to make it as stress-free as possible. And so should you! Wedding photojournalists will agree that the most important aspect of their craft is telling the story of the day in an authentic, unplanned way. A key element of that basic definition is how the story gets told—and that’s where the photographer’s individual character and point of view come into play. So, what's your story? I can help you create it!

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