Wedding Photography Poses


Wedding Photography Poses are something that every professional photographer should know.  Depending on the wedding style, culture and ideas from the bride and groom, the photographer should always be prepared for anything the wedding party wants.  

There are always the traditional and classic poses, that, in my opinion every couple should have, and then there are the more photo-journalistic style photographs that more and more people ask for.  However, each wedding has family involved; therefore, the basic and classic photographs, the staged and controlled ones are a must.  Parents always want that perfect photo of the bride and groom looking into the camera and smile. 

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Normally for each wedding, we do both styles, the classic portraits for the family and the candid shots for the couple and younger bridal party.  We also ask each couple if they have certain favorite shots that they might have seen in a magazine or at another wedding and want for their wedding. 

This is your wedding, you should get exactly what you want and what you ask for, and that’s why we’re here, to make sure your wedding day is as perfect as possible.

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