Wedding Photography Tips

As a bride myself, the best wedding tips I could give anyone is to not stress out too much and to not micro manage.  Whether we like it or not, during the wedding planning process and the wedding day itself, things happen that we cannot control, so I suggest hiring a party planner to help with everything you might need, or if working on a budget have a family member or close friend help you in all things wedding related. 

Best Chicago Wedding Engagement Photographer

As far as wedding photography tips are concerned, I think you should go through various magazines and see which photos you like best, or at least pick a style of photography preferred, whether it may be a traditional photography style or photojournalistic style.  Once you have that settled down, photography wise, you’re good to go.

Wedding Ideas are sometimes too many, and hard to choose exactly what you need.  I suggest starting several months, prior to the wedding, with a wedding folder and start putting in it everything you see and like in wedding magazines.  It makes it easier to choose from when the time comes.

Ideas such as wedding dresses, and all other wedding party apparel, flowers, color schemes, invitations, bouquets and boutonnieres, table settings, honeymoon destinations, wedding music, wedding photography and video and wedding venues.  Also, a good idea would be to ask friends already married and most importantly always have someone there that could help you with anything you might need.

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