Why You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer

There are many wedding photographers out there. However, not all of them are professional photographers so don’t let anyone and anything convince you that it is worth skimping on your most important day photography and videography. You are creating memories to last a lifetime and need a professional that is ready to make these memories available for you after your wedding day becomes a past event.

As a professional wedding prohotgrapher Gia Dragoi Photography offers a wide range of professional wedding services so you can choose the package that fits your needs the best.

Choosing us for you special day will benefit you and your better half both on a short term and a long term by:

Taking the burden of a long time research off of your shoulders

Delivering amazing candid photographs that will capture the emotions of your special day

Creating lifetime memories by covering every important moment of your wedding

Why should I choose an engagement photo session?

Engagement sessions are a “must do” nowadays. These couple hours of the engagement photo-shoot are important in establishing a relationship between the bride and groom and the photographer. It is recommended that you have a photo-shoot session before your wedding to not only to get those much-needed photos for invitations, save the date or just for a small album for the two of you, but also, to get to know your photographer better. We are here to make your photo session as relaxed and comfortable as possible, while getting all the necessary photos.

Bottom line:

Even though it is not a must, we recommend all our couples to opt for an engagement photo shoot for various reasons.

First of all, during the engagement shoot, you and your significant other will get familiar with the requirements of a photo shoot.

Secondly you will have the opportunity to eliminate the camera shy feelings and feel more comfortable on your wedding day, having already interacted with the camera.

Probably the most important aspect of a wedding shoot is that it will give you the ability to get creative and incorporate these images into your wedding.

You can use them on your save the date announcements, wedding invitations, or as prompts in different areas of the wedding space.

 What wedding photography packages should we choose?

At Gia Dragoi Photography you have several options but you should not stress on how and which to choose. We are here to help you. Regardless of which package will better fit your needs, we will deliver the same exceptional results. While we have limitless options, we will talk you through and give you tips to help you decide. The outcome will be a perfectly captured wedding day with memories to last for a lifetime, beautiful photo books for you and your family to take you back in time to your perfect day in the future.

How will the wedding photo session unfold?

One of the most important days of your life is here! You had the engagement session a while ago and now you are not stressed of being in front of the camera anymore! You have a long day ahead and we will be there to help you, by capturing all these magic moments. From dressing to cake cutting, it’s a road of hundred photos

Wedding sessions start early in the morning with the preparation, dressing, makeup. We will make sure not to miss any of the important moments and capture them in artistic photos. You can take pictures with your bridal party and family before the ceremony, or, if the time let us, we can have a photo session just before the ceremony, at a location of your choice.

Bottom line:

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and for that precious moment, we am there to make sure that every moment and expression is captured for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Every aspect of this day will be captured in unique and memorable photographs, to have and to hold, to look at and to share with your future kids and grandkids.  

The list of  “must have” shoots, including where and with who, will come in handy today. This way we will make sure we don’t skip anyone who you want a photo with. It will also help us with a starting point. This will prevent the unpleasant situation of realizing at the end of the day that you don’t have a picture with your favorite aunt or your lifetime neighbor.

 This list is customized and adjusted to perfectly suite the wedding style and atmosphere and the couple’s needs and wants.

The story of your love

At Gia Dragoi Photography we excel in everything that we do. We will capture all the key moments during the ceremony, from the speech moment and the cake cutting to the moment when everyone is on the dance floor having an amazing time.

Your wedding photos will show the complete story of your wedding day, from the beginning of the day and will capture the emotion on your guests’ faces, your mom’s tears and the joy and fun your nieces and nephews have on your very special day.

You will have all the pictures from your wedding day, uploaded and available via a link, for all your guests to download and see them.

Short sessions in between

We can always take pictures with your bridal party and family before or after the ceremony if the time allows us to. If you get ready in time, and we have a half an hour until you walk down the aisle, we can use the time to take more pictures. Also, if you get to the reception earlier, we recommend we take advantage of that and use the time for more wedding shoots.

At the end of the day you will have plenty of pictures to choose from, and it’s not only you who will be happy about this, but your friends and family too. Plus, the more the merrier! This way you will definitely have a great wedding album!

Bottom line:

Your wedding day starts early and we will be present from moment one. The list will give a starting point and will familiarize us with the ones that mean the most to you. This will give you the peace of mind that you can focus on enjoying this day without worrying about the outcome of the photos.

Can We Choose a Destination Wedding?

We love destination weddings and are open to work in any location you might choose. We know that planning a wedding in a special destination took you a lot of time and effort. That is why choosing a professional wedding photographer for your destination wedding is probably the most important item on your list. When it’s all said and done your pictures are the only memories you will have.

How to Plan Having a Wedding Photographer at Your Destination Wedding

Discuss with the resort and make sure they allow you to bring an outside photographer instead of using the “in house” one

 If they do allow it, get written confirmation and make sure there isn’t an outside vendor fee for bringing your own photographer.

You don’t have to worry about anything else. We will do our research and make sure we know the area really well, in case you opt for a trash the dress session right after the wedding.

Do You Photograph Same Sex Weddings?

Yes, we do! Same sex marriage is long-south victory for many queer couples who waited years for being able to be united in marriage. This is a victory worth celebrating and we are here to help. We know that planning your wedding is no easy task and will take you a lot of time and effort. That is why when you choose Gia Dragoi Photography, you can cross off the wedding photos item from your list. With us, you can rest assured that everything related to your wedding memories will be exquisite. This way you have more time to focus on all the other aspects of your wonderful day.

Bottom line:

We will be taking photos from early morning until all your guests leave

For the day of photo session you can follow the guidelines of wedding session mentioned above

We customize each shoot to fit the needs of the newlyweds so anything you have in mind can be considered

Your options are limitless

Lists of must have shoots and places are helpful to maximize the time

 Do Your Services Cover Indian Weddings?

 Indian weddings are usually very detailed and are more like a festival. Indian weddings are synonyms with many guests, great decorations, amazing food and great emotions. We are here to capture every moment of you special days both pre and post wedding, delivering top quality pictures to last for a lifetime. Creating memories is what we love to do, and sharing your special day with us, is an honor for us. That is why we will be there from the first moment until the end.

Do you provide wedding albums?

We strongly believe that all memories should be compiled in one wonderful place, and that is a beautiful wedding book. If you have been dreaming all your life about having the most amazing wedding album, that captures each and every magic moment of your wedding day in a unique way, we can make your wish come true.

At Gia Dragoi Photography, we take our time to make your album as great you wished. We will take into account all your ideas and suggestions and you will have the last ok before we send it to print. Your wedding album will be the most important piece and the wrap-up of all these important moments that took place during the ceremony and the reception and if you want, from the engagement session too.

How Do We Choose the Locations for our Wedding Photos?

They say happiness is not a place! We beg to differ! When it comes to your engagement or wedding photo session, location is as important as the dress and the flowers. Choosing the right one can be a little tough butt we can help you by telling you which are the most popular Chicago wedding photo locations that you can choose from.

If you want your weeding pictures to be fun, or like an elegant style, if you want a more urban approach or you are an animal lover, Chicago has them all. And they are the best wedding photos locations that can help you get the pictures you are dreaming of.

Can I hire you for my Trash the Dress Session?

Trash the Dress sessions requires timing, skill, and often-difficult locations to get the shot just right. What’s best about this, however, is that it can be arranged for a later time, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to add a different style to your wedding photos and give the dress one more run for the money. It is however worth doing such a session, not only for the enjoyment of it, but also for the great and different photos that come at the end.

Trass the Dress Session is not only an excuse for you to put on you wedding dress again, but it is a fun way to let loose and get unique photos that you simply couldn’t take during your wedding day.

You can choose special locations, like the lakeshore or even locations out of town or out of state. You can get creative since the options are limitless.


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